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JoseLake With roots in the past, a presence in the present and vision for the future, Latino Outdoors is a network of leaders committed to engaging Latinos/as in the outdoors, connecting familias and youth with nature, and empowering our community of storytellers to explore and share their personal experiences. Our growing online platform allows participants to creatively document their cultural connections to conservation, the environment, and the Great American Outdoors with the world.

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POMO CANYON — They left their warm beds, their electronic gadgetry and, in at least one case, a fear of snakes behind to brave a night outdoors — the call of nature overpowering the din of noisy, city life. For some of the more than 60 participants — residents of the North Bay and nearby — the group campout in a redwood canyon near the Sonoma Coast was a first-time adventure. They learned to set up loaner tents and slept … read more

I remember we were on a Biology retreat in 6th grade at Beulah Mountain Park, and that’s when it happened. I almost fell into the pond while skimming the water with a net, but instead jumped ten feet from the dock to the bank.  One of my classmates said “Whoa you should be a park ranger or an action hero”.  Hmm…action hero…  After already enjoying the outdoors most of my life I knew early on that my career would be … read more

I had the honor this summer to work, grow, and be inspired by Soul Fire Farm located in Grafton, New York. Soul Fire Farm is a family farm committed to the dismantling of oppressive structures that misguide our food system. I was a co-facilitator for the 2015 Black and Latino Farmer Immersion Program (BLFI) which was an incredible experience for me as a Latina, food justice advocate, and educator. As a Latina Environmental Educator, I had the pleasure to research and learn about the Latino Farmer … read more