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Beyond the direct work we do, we want to connect with others and amplify the work.

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We host a variety of outings and events--led by our leaders and in partnership with other organizations.

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Our work happens because of our committed leaders!

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Latino Outdoors is a growing community as a network and volunteer-run organization. Latino Outdoors exists to “connect cultura with the outdoors”.

The focus is on promoting a network of like-minded professionals, supporting outdoor leadership capacity-building opportunities for youth and young adults, and serving as a storytelling platform for defining the ambicultural identity connecting Latino communities and the outdoors.

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Yosemite For Families


Mentorship Convenings

We're launching new initiatives and need your help!

We're looking to take families to Yosemite and connect youth to mentorship opportunities with Latino leadership in the field. In addition to our other programming, we need your support to do this! Please contribute to this work.

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We started off strong with our volunteer leaders and community support. Now we need your help in having the resources to implement the programming that will develop our leaders and community in this field. Please Donate!

Upcoming Events

  1. Modesto Nature Health Walk
    March 28 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Latest Stories & News

Today I got up early to stand in a field and watch the sunrise. Barefoot, amongst the sparse grass and hard packed dirt, I watched the sky fade from deep blue to the soft pastels of a rising sun. Rose colored clouds drifted in and were gone before the first glints of gold peaked over the eastern ridge. The first rays of true light were filtering through the canyons long before the big ball of fire made its morning appearance. … read more

Miguel Ordeñana is a wildlife biologist and educator at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. He conducts urban mammal research projects (bats and carnivores!) and citizen science outreach at the museum.   Tell us your story, what is your connection to the land and conservation? I have been passionate about wildlife since I was a young kid (as far back as I can remember) so I think this was my original connection to nature.  This was a challenging … read more

Ricardo J. Ramirez is a former California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR) Assistant Director for Policy and Public Involvement. He shared his views and experience in the desire to see a sustainable, widely-supported, and celebrated state park system that is inclusive of and relevant to all Californians.  Agree or disagree, take the time to read and consider his perspective–and most importantly the work to make parks “familiar and comfortable”, especially through the ambicultural  leaders Latino Outdoors supports and celebrates.  … read more