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JoseLake With roots in the past, a presence in the present and vision for the future, Latino Outdoors is a network of leaders committed to engaging Latinos/as in the outdoors, connecting familias and youth with nature, and empowering our community of storytellers to explore and share their personal experiences. Our growing online platform allows participants to creatively document their cultural connections to conservation, the environment, and the Great American Outdoors with the world.

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  We always love profiling our leaders in the movement and in the field. Here is another interview in our series to showcase the individuals that embody the Latino Outdoors story, ambicultural leadership in action. Here is Jessica Gonzalez, a National Park Service program director in New York.  Tell us your story, what is your connection to the land and conservation? I grew up in Brooklyn, not exactly a spot known for its purple mountains majesty.  Growing up, my connection to … read more

  Jefe means parent in Mexican slang I don’t think there are better Jefes than Doña Guadalupe and Alfonso “La Mole” Orozco. In this case La Mole is referring to The Thing from the Fantastic Four, not the food. It was a nickname he was given in his youth. You can probably guess why. Not many people call him that anymore, but I still use it as a term of endearment. I secretly think he enjoys it, I created an … read more

Like any good piñata, Pepe was made in México. Constructed from a hodgepodge compilation of used car advertisements and weight-loss flyers, Pepe was a classic piñata. And he had no idea what adventures awaited him at Yosemite National Park.   Pepe stands guard while the LO team explores the Yosemite Valley. Eduardo and I met Pepe at a crossroads in his life. We promised him adventure. Even while nestled amongst his brothers in an overflowing cardboard bin at a Grocery … read more