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Beyond the direct work we do, we want to connect with others and amplify the work.

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We host a variety of outings and events--led by our leaders and in partnership with other organizations.

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Latino Outdoors is a growing community as a network and volunteer-run organization. Latino Outdoors exists to “connect cultura with the outdoors”.

The focus is on promoting a network of like-minded professionals, supporting outdoor leadership capacity-building opportunities for youth and young adults, and serving as a storytelling platform for defining the ambicultural identity connecting Latino communities and the outdoors.

Latest Stories & News

My love for adventure and the outdoors began as a young boy growing up in a small village in the Honduras-El Salvador border. Most of my daily activities involved being outside in arid climate; walking and being on my feet was my way of life. As a young adult migrating to the U.S., I became involved in high school sports as a way to make friends and learn English. Growing up in Berkeley, I was fortunate to be in a … read more

When I signed up as an LO ambassador one of my chosen goals was to help individuals, and families, use the outdoors to create long-lasting memories.  Recently, I was wondering if that was a worthwhile goal.  Consequently, I decided to go back in my memory “vault” and revisit some of the memories my family has created over the years.  Here are a few pictures that show our journey together.                 As I looked through … read more

You’ve heard us use the term Conservation Cultura. In using that term, it is an affirmation of how conservation is woven in our cultural practices and rooted in our history and traditions. Often it is not seen as a distinct identity, but one of many layers symbolic of the mestizaje that is characteristic of many Latino communities. As we engage in the conservation of today and the future, recognizing and valuing our conservation cultura is important to see to acknowledge how … read more