Latino Outdoors and Denver Colorado

So far we have been on three hikes with groups of 10+ participants. Chautauqua Park, Mount Falcon Park, and O’Fallon Park have been – fun group forming events. We have partnered with Sierra Club’s – Inspiring Connections Outdoors  and I have hiked with Outdoor Afro – Boulder and really enjoyed the company !  














Some Field notes:

Ponderosa Pine trees smell like Vanilla! You read that right, Vanilla!

Fun trail game: Branch Limbo

Smoky the bear loves Pictures!

Stope and smell the Ponderosa

Branch Limbo

Yogi bear












Chela – Colorado’s Coordinator and myself, Asnoldo the Colorado Ambassador have been making many helpful contacts at local events. We know that partnering is the best way to grow Latino Outdoors in Colorado. Like the famous quote: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Partners in the outdoors ELK LO Pic Sierra Club and LO












Summer has just begun and the verdict is in from a recent Facebook poll. Our current participants are eager to get out there and hike to Colorado’s beautiful waterfalls and hot springs! We can’t wait to upload those beautiful pictures and take in the awe-inspiring landscapes!

I live in Westminster Colorado where I love to bike, hike, garden, explore and DIY. I am currently (1 year in) finishing a two-person 14 foot Marine Grade Plywood Canoe! To contact me for any LO-related communications, collaborations, or outing requests in my area, please send me an email: