Staff Network Mapping

Staff Network Mapping Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out this form, it will help build a stronger Latino Outdoors community!

We’re using this survey to do network weaving: “Weaving is the intentional practice of helping people to build and connect to more relationships of trust and value, by virtue of being genuinely interested in building and connecting oneself to more relationships of trust and value.” – Bill Traynor (The Essence of Weaving. 2010)

We’ll use the form to make something that looks like this:

LO map

In particular, we hope this will help to:

  • build a sense of community within Latino Outdoors and help us understand how we are interconnected throughout the United States.
  • connect with other members based on location, shared interests exchange of skills/services, and/or professional goals.
  • serve as an outward facing showcase of the Latino Outdoors network to conservation organizations, to demonstrate the size and scope of LO across the country.

Thanks!  Jose, Graciela, and Ari (see her bio here.)

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The Basics

Please list a few one word "tags" for your professional interests or topic areas.  For example: youth, urban, farming.

Your Networking Interests

How do you prefer to get social?

Your Network

Please share up to 5 of your connections within the Latino Outdoors network.

First Person

Second Person

Third Person

Fourth Person

Fifth Person