Leadership Transition


October 31, 2017





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SAN FRANCISCO — Latino Outdoors’ Board of Advisors is excited to announce the completion of the organization’s first strategic planning process resulting in: “A Strategic Plan to Promote Culturally-Relevant Outdoor Connections and Leadership. This plan builds on Latino Outdoors’ exciting four-year history, from a simple concept to a nationally-recognized network involving dozens of volunteers and serving hundreds of community members across the country.


With the strategic plan now complete, Founder and Executive Director, José González, has decided to step down as the organization’s Executive Director in order to pursue other well-deserved career opportunities. González will begin his transition effective December 31, 2017, at which time he will retain his title of Founder of Latino Outdoors and will serve as emeritus board member.

“We could not have reached this place without José’s vision, creativity, perseverance and leadership,” says Richard Rojas, Sr., Chair of the Board of Advisors. “José planted the seed for a thriving national network of leaders and volunteers working collaboratively to connect cultura and community with the outdoors. His hard work and passion made Latino Outdoors what it is today.”


This marks a new phase for Latino Outdoor’s evolution as the board begins a search for a new Executive Director. The board seeks an individual who will represent the organization’s vision on policy matters, and who will be committed to growing the network in specific areas: fundraising, program development and capacities in the field. “We have a strong plan and a clear vision,” says Rojas. “Our next leader will help us implement this plan and realize this vision.”


“Latino Outdoors started as a point of passion and inspiration for me–and now it is poised to cement its place in this new movement abound with dynamic and diverse leadership–a clear statement of Estamos Aqui,” González said. “I am extremely proud of the team and volunteers that made Latino Outdoors a reality beyond me. That work will continue with me in a more strategic role so that operationally Latino Outdoors can move forward and continue to lead in this space.”


As the organization transitions through this change and launches its strategic plan, the board will hire an Interim Executive Director to help prepare the organization for a new Executive Director. “We are seeking someone with strong non-profit management experience, systems and operational skills, a collaborative spirit, and a passion for assisting organizations through leadership shifts,” says Rojas. “José provided us a long runway from which to work. We are looking forward to welcoming an Interim Executive Director who will leverage that runway and guide us into the future.”


To inquire about Latino Outdoor’s Interim Executive Director position please visit: http://latinooutdoors.org/interim-exec/


About Latino Outdoors

With roots in the past, a presence in the present and vision for the future, Latino Outdoors is a network of leaders committed to engaging Latinos/as in the outdoors, connecting familias and youth with nature, and empowering our community of storytellers to explore and share their personal experiences. Our growing online platform allows participants to creatively document their cultural connections to conservation, the environment, and the Great American Outdoors with the world.