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We are seeking passionate and committed volunteers to serve as leaders and ambassadors for Latino Outdoors. If you are interested and can devote your time to this exciting work, contact us! You may contact Jose Gonzalez at or submit your info in our contact form.

As a community and network of professionals, there are to ways to help.

You can support us in several ways:

  • If you are a Latino professional in a conservation organization: We need your talent and expertise to serve as a role model. We also need your time to lead hikes. This time would initially be donated (until we find ways to support it with funding) and may be outside of your organizational structure. We need leaders with your background, your experience, your cultura, your language, to use as a connecting point for our comunidades.
  • If you are a conservation organization: We need your resources- space, programs, contacts, etc. You have an infrastructure that would be vital in allowing us to bring communities to the spaces you love and conserve. This provides an opportunity for your outreach efforts to Latino communities and showcases your organization. Work that complements each other.
  • If you are an interested non-affiliated individual: We need advocates, connections, participants, and community leaders.  Join us as a participant and we learn together. Cada voz cuenta.
  • If you are a Latino community organization: We need your connections and networks to engage the communities you serve. We do this together.  Estamos al servicio de la comunidad.
  • If you have funds: Contributions will sustain our work especially for when we cannot receive in-kind contributions.  A long-term goal is to make this financially sustainable to see how it grows as an organization—and to consider staffing. Cada granito de arena.
  • If you are doing similar work with similar or other communities: We need partners with whom to learn, share our work, collaborate, share resources, and amplify our efforts. What we do is not meant to be exclusive. It’s meant to be a starting point for a more diverse, inclusive, and integrated conservation movement. Nos ayudamos juntos.

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  1. Grecia Solis

    My name is Grecia Solis, I am an Environmental Science Educator with NatureBridge currently working in Yosemite National Park. I have been meaning to contact your organization for a while now. I would love to be able to volunteer and lead hikes/trips with your organization. I was born in Michoacán Mexico and have grown up in the SF Bay Area, in Richmond, since I was 11. I recently graduated from Sacramento State University with a bachelors of science in Environmental Science. I absolutely love the outdoors and teaching about it.

    Ever since I was a young kid I wanted to work outdoors. At the age of 15 I participated in the Teen Environmental Action Mentorship program with Naturebridge in Golden Gate and loved it. I loved it so much, my entire career and education have been surrounding environmental education. in 2010 I returned to Naturebridge in SF to work in their Coastal Camp summer camp teaching kids about marine biology and mountain ecology. Shortly after I wrote my thesis on the importance of outdoor environmental education. In 2012 I lived in Hawaii and worked in an invasive species removal program in the mountains of Kauai. I taught children about the native Hawaiian flora and fauna. in 2013 I was awarded the “Outstanding most recent graduate” award from my community college, Contra Costa, and gave a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2013. Most recently, in May 2014 I graduated from Sacramento and begun working my dream job as an outdoor environmental science educator with the organization that has shaped me and guided my life in the direction of outdoor education, Naturebridge.

    I would love to be able to share my passion with your organization in any way that I can. One of my main goals since I was a young kid was to be able to bring kids like me outdoors. Growing up and now working in this field I can see how our comunidades and our gente is not well represented in the outdoor education field. I would love to be part of your organization and help bring Latinos outdoors!!!

    Hope to hear back from you soon!


    1. Staff Jose G

      Gracias Grecia! We love your story, thank you for sharing it! We’ve sent you an email, hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Daniel Gonzales

    I would like to be an ambassador in Arizona. Please send me information on getting started
    Thank you

    1. Staff Jose G

      Thank you again Daniel! We’re working through the process! 🙂

  3. Max Stoffregen

    Greetings Latino Outdoors!

    My name is Max Stoffregen and I am a non-affiliated individual interested in volunteering for your organization. I first heard of Latino Outdoors on KPFA radio and I was immediately impressed by your positive, engaging vision. I believe organizations like yours are key to the long-term preservation of wild lands – that you are a critical link between increased use leading to increased advocacy. I would like to volunteer in any capacity I may be useful.

    Over the past decade I have hiked about 1600 miles of mostly trailed backcountry through 33 different wilderness areas in the western United States (including Alaska). I am an avid cross-country trekker with fluency in map-reading and the use of an orienteering compass. I am passionate about Leave No Trace camping ethics and I love to share these principles with others when it is appropriate and kind. In 2013, I received CPR training.

    I have also worked with children both in the public schools and with private organizations. From 2008-2010 I worked for Orinda Intermediate School as their choir accompanist, and I currently serve as a staff accompanist at the Contra Costa Children’s Choir. I have also taught piano privately to students ages 6 -18. I deeply appreciate working with younger people.

    Please let me know if I may be of service to your organization, and thank you for all your good work.

    All the best,
    Max Stoffregen

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