National Hispanic Heritage Month


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Latino Outdoors from September 15-October 15 by connecting with us through one of our Outdoor events and by learning about our diverse leaders below.


The sleeping giant in the bosque: What will it take to spur the next generation of Latino conservation leaders?

Gabe Vasquez, Ambassador, Washington, DC14055030_592247000957276_8664939338855144264_n


#VamosOutdoors- A Home Where I Am Me

Jose Gonzalez, Founder, Latino Outdoors


envatomentalistLatino Outdoors Interview: A Conversation with Claudio Rodriguez

Claudio Rodriguez, Community Activist


How Skiing Kicked “Miedo” To The Curb~ By Graciela Cabello 

Graciela Cabello, National Director, Latino Outdoors


Latino Outdoors Interview: A Conversation with Jessica Gonzalez 13497902_568762343305742_2378152366104037061_o

Jessica Gonzalez, Founder, Latino Outdoors


Latino Outdoors Visits D.C. Public School by Nydia Gutiérrez

Nydia Gutiérrez

Ambassador, Washington, DC


New Years Resolutions: Outdoors Edition by Cynthia 12525335_511214925727151_3367751828826005608_o

Cynthia Espinosa

Ambassador, Northeast (MA & VT)



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