Teaching about nature= finding myself (Final part)

After facilitating the first workshop through Project Choices

I found myself looking for other ways to introduce nature

Because I enjoy giving some educational mixture…

Truly art, music, and poetry give us voices.

Contemplating lectures, discussions, and art creation,

I ended at Dean Technical High School giving students time for exploration

About nature, themselves, the connections we have

From the trees to the concrete because we are all one.

Dean 1

dean 2

dean 3

After a fun game of nature scavenger hunt,

The students took paint, brushes and canvass to create a piece of art.

The art that now hangs in their school cafeteria, reminds them of the outdoors

Because we had fun, discussions, and connections thanks to Latino Outdoors!

dean 4

dean 5

dean 6

dean 7

dean 8

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