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Narrative and photos by Bobbi Klein.

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Once you begin going outdoors and experiencing all that life has to offer, there is no stopping the places that you can explore. When you put your mind to it, it is possible.

Every city has something new to offer whether it is the mountains, rolling hills, desert, or the beach. You begin to realize a new perspective and seeing things through a different lens transitioning from being a tourist to one who knows the city better than some of the locals. The more that you explore a place, you quickly learn from the locals by speaking to them about the must see spots that you cannot leave without visiting.  It is quite addicting.

As a photographer and one who loves the outdoors, all of my adventures begin by walking the city to find those hidden spots that offer the best views and gaining a new perspective about that city. For instance, some may say that Chicago is just a smaller version of New York City. However, after exploring Chicago, it has its own flair to it and inhibits the Midwest culture of being a little nicer than NYC with it’s on set of neighborhoods within the city.

The more that you travel you can get into two separate types of people- one who explores off the beaten path of Yelp and Fodor’s must travel places in a city and another who lives for the guides.

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Throughout all of my travels across Europe and the United States, I have lived for exploring the cities without travel guides. Yes, there are times when I know of a few must see spots, but I always rely on the locals to help me finish my trip. Usually that means I begin my day at a local café and start talking to people asking them about life in that city and the must see spots for photography.

I have never used a location fixer (one who scouts out the perfect place for photos) in my travels, and I always rely on the locals. I have found the most amazing skyline views, the best places to eat, the amazing local shops, and the hidden features of a city (like the beach deemed as too windy for tourists and that no one ever goes there, which turned out to be the best beach and full of sunset kite surfers in Guincho, Portugal).

When you are open to exploring and have an open mind that there is more that meets the eye than a travel guide can offer, you see the beauty that surrounds you. Everywhere that you go to is unique and it is up to you to see it. It all begins by having a love for being outdoors and seeing this incredible world.

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Bobbi Klein is a lifestyle and travel photographer and creative director at Splendore. She loves traveling, helping people, and exploring. Connect with her on Instagram/Snapchat/ and twitter @bobbiklein. To see more of her work check out

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