Beauty of LA Outdoors: Photos from Aviseful

“A photography blog born out of the adventures we’ve yet to have.”

We connected with Aviseful through Instagram. They had hashtagged a few with #LatinoOutdoors and we loved the photos they had up. In the spirit of collaboration, we asked if they were interested in sharing a few of their outdoor photos on our blog, and here are the submissions — gorgeous representations of the natural and urban landscapes of L.A and how they interconnect with humans finding beauty in it all.

Please check out Aviseful’s other accounts on their main site and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. Enjoy!

Aviseful 1 Swizer Falls

Switzer Falls, Angeles National Forest
The hike is worth it. The time stuck in traffic to get here is worth it. One definitely forgets that just a couple minutes away the freeways roars but its roar doesn’t reach here. The waterfalls are the only ones that can be heard echoing here.

Aviseful 2 Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa Park
An oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. Just a few blocks away from the rumble and tussle of the busy Los Angeles streets sits a park with a glorious view of downtown.

Aviseful 3 Griffith Park

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
Sometimes you just have to take a “few” steps back to enjoy the view of the observatory.

Aviseful 4 LA Bridge

 Downtown Los Angeles
“This is our city, this is where we live.”

All photos credited and copyright Used with permission. 

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